Sirui Professional Landscape Filter Kit Review by Lukesphotographymelbs…

Sirui’s “Starter kit” has all you need to begin taking beautiful photo’s right out of the box!

So What’s in the Box!?

* 1 x Sirui Filter Holder – 100mm

* 1 x Sirui Soft GND16 (1.2) Filter – 100x150mm (4Stop ND Graduated Filter)

* 1 x Sirui ND1000 Filter – 100x100mm (10Stop ND Filter)

* 1 x CPL Filter

* Adaptor Rings: 67-82mm, 72-82mm, 77-82mm

*Padded Carry Bag

*Allen Key + 4 x Short Allen Screw

Sirui 100mm Filter holder with built in Circular Polariser

My first thoughts…

I was excited to be selected to test out & review Siruis New Filter System, I knew of many photographers who spoke highly of the superior build quality of Sirui Tripods and perhaps hoped their Filters might be similar. I’ve currently had experience shooting with various Circular Polarisers and also have Nisi Filters which I’ve always been very happy with, though I spent about $1100 for their Holder and a Polariser, 6Stop & 10stop ND Filters 150mm Glass. I was first impressed with the super speedy delivery from Sirui, it was confirmed I could test the filters one day, they arrived the very next day. Upon opening the box I was surprised with just how well packaged everything was, also how light it all felt in its entirety. The 2 Sirui padded cases for the 10stop ND & 4Stop Graduated Filter were very impressive to me, definitely made to last and ensure your Filters are well protected. The Filter holder itself felt light but really well made, strong Aluminium construction, great for not loading down your camera bag! Whilst at home I found the Adapter ring that suited my Olympus 40-150mm Pro Lens, it screwed on so easily, very well machined, and was a nice snug fit when tightened, to that I attached the Circular Polariser, again it threaded on more easily than expected, and felt solidly attached, it all felt…quality. Once I had the Polariser on it took me about 2 seconds to attach the Filter Holder, though I’ve never used this type of system before, it was SO easy and I liked it, a lot. I put it on, I pulled the release pin and took it off, then on again, I used the dial to rotate the Circular Polariser, it all worked so well, so smoothly, I was excited to get out and start using this Filter Kit from Sirui that was so far, for me, ticking a lot of boxes.


The above images show the Sirui Circular Polariser in action, easy to rotate whilst shooting landscape or portrait hand held, even easier on the tripod, and the difference it made in improved colour and clarity was quite impressive as seen by the contrast in the 2 photos of some plants in my garden, the top is without Polariser, the bottom image is with the Polariser set to optimum position. It’s like night and day. Shooting from Brighton towards Melbourne City, it really made the Colours of the beach bathing boxes pop!

I headed next to St Kilda Beach at Sunset to test the 4Stop Graduated & 10Stop ND Filters for Sunset. I thought if the Colour cast was neutral, combined with that Pro Polariser I was anticipating good things to come…

Testing Sirui Filter Kit at St Kilda Beach & Pier

Upon arrival at my location at St Kilda Beach, I found it took me no time at all to get set up, Put tripod up, Attached Camera, Screw on Adaptor, Screw on Polariser, Clip Filter Holder on and ready to go! What Filter to try first? Why not both!? As it was a very bright sky I went with all 3 filters combined, the Polariser, 4Stop Grad & 10Stop ND Filters. I found no trouble taking them from my Camera bag and Sliding them into the Filter holder, but I liked how firmly they went in, again, it just felt like quality, and no stress the filters might slide out. I felt the images I was taking were a very true representation of the true colours I was seeing with my own eyes and memory when looking at the raw files later, I didn’t notice any colour casting whatsoever and zero vignetting, I was suitably impressed, and I was having a lot of fun using these little beauties!


I found the New 100mm Sirui Professional Landscape Filter ‘Starter Kit’ as easy to use as my Nisi Filter System. The quality of the images taken with these filters was certainly of a professional quality, as well as the padded cases provided to protect them. Only this kit by Sirui is only $499, that’s half the price of my Nisi Filters, and to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t say the Nisi ones are any better. My only negative to mention, and it’s pretty minor is the adapter rings could do with a textured edge to help getting a grip when taking off. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using this Filter Kit, it’s a great Starter Kit as you can do so much with what’s already in the box, of course you’d want to later add another Graduated Filter & 6Stop ND Filter to compliment what’s already there. I think Sirui has a very good quality Filter Kit here that is well made, well considered, well priced and compliments there reputation for offering quality photography products, well done!

Review by Luke Evans of LukesPhotographyMelbs

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